The French Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a business network of more than 100 French, Myanmar and International companies. Its objective is to expand and develop business and economic relationships between France and Myanmar by offering various activities to its members and by supporting the commercial endeavors of French Companies in Myanmar and Myanmar Companies in France. 

CCI FM is a non-profit organization created on the basis of the French Business Association in Myanmar established on March 14, 1996. The Chamber is member of CCI France International since June 2013 and thus became one of the 112 French Chambers based overseas. It also works closely with the other Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France and abroad, and the foreign Chambers of Commerce in Myanmar. Moreover, the Chamber collaborates with other trade-related French institutions such as the French Embassy’s Economic Department, Business France or the French Foreign Trade Advisors (“CCE”).

In 2017, CCI France Myanmar is awarded the APAC Small Chamber of Commerce Award and the Best Performing Small Chamber by CCI France International.