KANON Loading Equipment B.V. is a Netherlands-based first-class supplier on the international market for Marine, Rail and Road liquid transfer systems. KANON designs according to the latest development with regard to safety, ultra-low maintenance and operator convenience.

KANON operates worldwide via carefully selected agents and associate companies. Its qualified service department is HSE certified. Its QA system has been approved by Lloyds, to the standards of NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2008. Inspections can be arranged for MARINE LOADING ARMS – TOP AND BOTTOM ARMS FOR TRUCK AND RAIL – FOLDING STAIRS AND LOADING PLATFORMS – SWIVELJOINTS

Kanon marine loading arms need virtually zero maintenance. The main reason is, that Kanon swivel joints are stronger than the piping itself, and the basic arms can be made fully self-supporting which provides a simple and efficient design.

Following this approach has resulted in a revolutionary, efficient design of marine loading arms for LNG. The marine loading arms are built around swiveling joints which are qualified against the EN1474-1:2009, so as to provide the most reliable configuration on the market.

What separates marine loading arms of Kanon their competition is their symmetrical design, which improves the structural integrity of the product. This symmetrical design has proven to be extremely reliable and Kanon have had their products last for more than ten years without needing any significant maintenance.