Myanmar Oil and Gas Services Society ( MOGSS ) was formed on May 8, 2013 with the following main objectives:

  1. To move to the International Servicing System

  2. To create More Chances for Citizens

  3. To achieve Environmental and Cultural Friendly Services

  4. To construct Risk Free Work Sites

  5. To provide Training and Familiarization of High Tech

  6. To launch Services with High Ethics

  7. To build better Understanding

Our interest is to bring the wide Myanmar Oil and Gas Services Community including Exploration, Drilling, Production, Distribution, Engineering, EIS/SIA, Health and Safety, Measurement and Control, Manpower, Inspection, Catering, Training and other Services to a closer connection and sharing experience, discoveries and knowledge.

Based on this ground, The Myanmar Oil and Gas Services Society – MOGSS was formed with the staff from various local service companies as an initiative to establish an association driven and to promote the development of state economy and wealth through development of oil and gas sector. MOGSS also try to find out the suggestions and/or solutions for the member companies negotiating with persons concerned with a collective voice of the members.